Rhine Cycle Route: Day 3

Rhine Cycle Route: Day 3

Zurich to Andermatt. 4th May 2023

  • Todays mileage: Zero ☹️
  • Total mileage: 30 miles
  • Disasters: Not getting a couchette for the Amsterdam to Zurich leg. 🤦

Well that was a night of broken sleep so we’re both knackered. After being kept awake by the Italians (who we’re actually Spanish) I was woken early (6am) by a large gent shouting into his phone.

Zurich station was clean & functional, as you’d expect from the Swiss. Only problem is there’s no seats in the station except for the cafe. So we had a coffee & pastry for breakfast and waited for our 10am train to Andermatt.

Coffee & cake in Zurich…

We’ve decided that for long distance train travel to be fun you need a sleeping compartment. So far our travel time is…

  • Aspatria to Newcastle 2 hours
  • Ferry to Amsterdam 12 hours
  • Amsterdam to Zurich 12 hours
  • Zurich to Andermatt 2 hours

Total travelling time 2 1/2 days so far & we’ve 1 train to go. Just flying is now seeming a good option 🤨

The journey to Andermatt was beautiful and we got an early glimpse of the Rhine.

First glimpse of the Rhine.

In Amdermatt we sat out in the sun & had some lunch of bread, cheese & tomatoes. The mountains are beautiful but there is a lot of new build going on.

Loads of new build.

In the hotel we crashed for a few hours before showering & going out for food.

Mummy beer 😊

We had burger & chips in a nearby pub. It was lovely but Switzerland is expensive – it was £80 for that & 2 beers each !

Anyway early to bed…

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