Monday 13th May.  Day 13: Mystery of the legs in a hole…

Slow start today after a bad night’s sleep.  Awake a fair bit with bad stomach & worrying about mum.

On the way to breakfast we noticed these holes and that there was a LARGE set of what looked like spider legs inside.  The legs disappeared when I poked my camera nearer.

If it’s a spider that would be a scarily big spider but enquiries revealed it was a crab hole.   (audible sigh of releaf as these were near our room)

Holes near our room 😳
The “legs” were camera shy

In the afternoon we took a tour to the Xcaret theme park for a wander round & the evening show. 

There’s so much to do at Xcaret you could spend a full day there. We went for a swim down the river before the show.

Xcaret show in the evening was brilliant.  A music & dance celebration of Mexican culture.

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