Rhine Cycle Route: Day 15

Rhine Cycle Route: Day 15

Seltz to Lingenfeld. 16th May 2023.

  • Mileage today: 42 miles
  • Total mileage: 476 miles
  • Disasters: Just the bastard wind 💨💨💨

Despite a nice hotel room we both didn’t sleep brilliantly – don’t know why. Breakfast was some leftover bread thing with custard and icing + a yoghurt. I think the yoghurt was on the turn but it didn’t taste too bad.

The sluggish start meant we hit the road by 9:30am. It was a cold and windy day. The first problem was to navigate around a section of the cycle path that was supposedly flooded. We managed not to get lost and found a route around.

It was cold and windy. Jackets, hats snd gloves were needed. We brewed up on a bench to warm up.

The route up till now was cycle path along the flood defences. The route today wasn’t inspiring- don’t get me wrong it was lovely but just not up to the previous days.Also we were tired and cold so not feeling the love today.

We stopped at a cafe for Scooby snack – chips, cake, and a coffee. Whilst there we chatted with an interesting German and a Spaniard.

Big barge pushing its way again the formidable current.
Water dropped enough to let us past.

When we finally got to our camp site there was no-one in reception. We were reading the signs on the reception when a German turned up on his ebike. He told us he’d spoken with the site earlier today and they’d said you pitch up and pay tomorrow.

So we head into the tent field – which is empty. Thing is the German also follows us and attempts to pitch right by us.

We weighted till he’d pitched then moved ours 20 yards away – wierdo !

Then I had a look at Sarah’s gears while she cooked tea. Her chain gad fallen off several times. Tea was pasta, tomatos, tuna, kidney beans and olives. This was OK but not going to win any awards.

Then it was showered and bed xx

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