Saturday 11th May.  Day 11: Hummer Day 😁

Another diving day.  As walking to the dive shop I was thinking it was going to be rough as the wind had increased.

Yep the waves had significantly increased since the previous day.  Luckily Rudy had a plan – the boat was moored at a more sheltered location at the next hotel west of us. 

Our transport to the boat was a Hummer.  Never been in one of these 😁

Felt just like US Seal Team loading our diving gear 🤣

It’s MASSIVELY wide and long.  Really no good for UK roads.  Thing is its quite tight inside.  Bit like an inverse Tardis !

Launching from the new location was much calmer which was was good for my old bones.

A great dive was had by all…

The locals are very friendly today…

A good days diving 😁

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