Mexico 2024

Mexico 2024

Wednesday May 1st.  Day 1: Getting there…

It was a 4am start & we didn’t sleep much.  The minibuses arrived late so we could have had at least an extra 45 mins in bed !

The drive to Manchester airport took about 1.5 hours on very busy roads.  This showed what a horrid commute it is into Manchester !

The airport was relatively stress free.  The stress started when we boarded the flight.  Like a lot of people on the flight, the seats we thought we’d paid for had been changed.  We’d lost our isle seats & others were split from their young kids. 

Luckly we got to change seats with a family – they got to sit together & we both got isle seats 😃

10 hours – a long boring flight.  Got through a lot of pods.

Luckily there was free G&T…

The chav kids who sat behind us on the coach transfer thankfully slept. This made for a stress free 1 1/2 hours transfer to the resort.

The coast road is full of resorts surrounded by barbed wire.   Ours is the Grand Palladium White Sands.  

The resort is huge so there are many golf carts to ferry you around.  This was our journey from reception to our room !
Our room…

We chilled for an hour or so before meeting the others for drinks & food.  The resort is massive !

The Poseidon beach side restaurant – one of many…

After a buffet meal we all went to bed shattered – it had been a long day !   

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