Lanza 2019. Day 2…

Lanza 2019. Day 2…

After a good night’s sleep we surfaced for breakfast about 8am. We’ve decided the food isn’t as good as the last place but that’s a high bar.

Breakfast discussions centred around Sarah’s desire for Hazel to windsurf and Hazels desire not to windsurf !

Sarah then decided Hazel should do a try-dive, again somthing Hazel doesn’t want to do. I think Hazels regretting coming away with us already….

The days plan was to have a walk and see what’s around, which we did. On the seafront we hired a bike. This bike was as heavy as the sun – especially when I was the only one peddeling !

After an hours giggles riding this up and down the seafront we went in search of dive shops. We spoke to two and have booked with Calipso Diving for tomorrow.

After that we chilled by the pool for the afternoon with a few G&T’s…

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