SW300 – Day 5.

SW300 – Day 5.

Total mileage: 217

Today’s mileage: 49

Desasters: 1 – forgot the bloody booze again !

Awoke from our first night under canvas to a beautiful sunrise…

What the picture didn’t show was that it was a really cold morning and blowing a gale. Coffee and an army veg breakfast got us going & we were on the road by 9am.

Today’s story is about the tail wind we had for most of the day. Never in all my years cycling have I had such wind assistance ~25mph tail wind all the way to Isle of Whithorn. We flew… One of the many Strava segments shows us averaging over 17mph fully laden with tents etc… and that was without trying !

We must be getting slightly fitted because we overtook two other cycle tourists who were B&Bing ie. had minimal luggage. ?

The route today had us on quiet roads with some stunning scenery. The sun even came out for a while…

After the Isle of Whithorn the wind wasn’t with us anymore but it wasn’t against us either which was what we’d feared – we thought there had to be a penance for 30 miles of tailwind !

We called through Garlieston to get our evening meal and saw this…

Wikipedia has some interesting reading on Mulberry harbours if you’re interested.

From Garlieston it was a short ride to the Dunroaming caravan and camp site near Kirkinner.

The woman who ran the site was lovely – she gave us hot homemade soup and bread shortly after we arrived. We must have looked cold and knackered !

We set up camp, showered and set about cooking tonight feast ! Tonight I cooked Sarah Thai…

Soon after we were in bed because it’s too cold to be out !

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