SW300 – Day 4.

SW300 – Day 4.

Total mileage: 168

Mileage today: 42

Desasters: 1 …one big one – we forgot to buy some booze for the evening meal ?

The day started well because we couldn’t hear rain on the windows 🙂 After showering in our plastic shower cubicle we went down to see what breakfast had been left out for us.

We found an old Tupperware box with four slices of bread, a half eaten block of cheese, some plastic ham and a tomato. Say no more…

By the time we’d packed and were ready to go the landlady surfaced to say goodbye. It seemed we were the only guests in what we christened Faulty Towers.

We left town on the busy A77 but the route soon turned off onto the slightly quieter A714. We followed the A714 to Barhill where we stopped for some food in a small convenience store / cafe. The owner was ex-services from Essex. We chatted with him about our route and about the lack of shops where we were going. There wasn’t much in his shop but we brought food for the evening.

The route from Barhill was much quieter over high fell land (so a fair bit of ascent). A really pretty route but was slightly spoiled by rain.

The route gently decended to Glenluce Abby where we had some lunch in light drizzle. From the Abby it was a quick run to the coast.

We then followed the coast road round to Ardwell where we were going to pitch the tent and then ride to the tip of Mull of Galloway without luggage.

This plan went to rat shit. We pitched the tent, had a brew and then we were both too tired to continue riding. Just CBA…

The campsite is right on the beach. It was windy so we used a boat for shelter.

Showers then food. Now when i said the shop didn’t have much in we ended up with Sarah having Uncle Bens rice and a tin of mackerel and I had a Pot Noodle and a cold steak pie. But after 40 hilly miles it tasted great.

Pudding was an army “boil in the bag” chocolate pudding. They look like shit (literally) but taste great.

The only thing we forgot was some booze. A nice bottle of red would have washed that lot down nicely…

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