Rhine Cycle Route: Day 8

Rhine Cycle Route: Day 8

Friedrichshafen to Constance 9th May 2023

  • Mileage today: 20 miles
  • Total mileage: 198 miles
  • Disasters: None yet.

Great night’s sleep in a dry bed. We woke early and got going to Constance. The Cycle paths through Friedrichshafen are brilliant but it’s slow going because of the junctions, crossroads & number of people !

Quality cycle infrastructure…

The entire area is beautiful though but I think there is a lot of money round here.

Picture postcard towns…
On the ferry at Meersburg…
A fish sandwich

After the ferry we had lunch which reached a new culinary low – a fish sandwich 🤢 Luckily there were lush local strawberries for pudding.

Beautifully sweet to take away the taste of fish !

We ate this feast by the lake and watched this pair of swans careing for eggs and building the nest up.

Beautiful animals Happy to be so close to humans.
In the UK they’d have been eaten by now !

Full of fish & strawberries we continued to our apartment for the night. We’d booked a one bed apartment through booking.com. It was the cheapest one in the area by a long way but the description sounded OK.

In a word its shite – a top floor flat that’s badly in need of renovation & it’s dirty. It is in a handy location so it’ll do for tonight.

The strange thing is that here are booze bottles and cans all around the outside area. Most are empty but some are full ! The strangest thing is the length of the WiFi password

Who do they thinks gonna hack them – the Pentagon ?

We dumped our gear and carried the bikes up some unlit stairs before heading into Constance for a look round.

Constance is a lovely city where the architecture hasn’t been spoiled with plastic shop fronts.

As old and characterful as it is the planners have included so much biking infrastructure. The result is loads of bikes and not many cars. Interestingly 75% of bikes are ebikes

Bikes everywhere 😁 the city has a good vibe..

After a good walk round we returned to our Palace for some food and a little tipple…

I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow 🤪

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