Rhine Cycle Route – Day 7

Rhine Cycle Route – Day 7

Bregenz to Friedrickshafen

  • Todays mileage: 24 miles
  • Total mileage: 178 miles
  • Disasters: Only the weather and Sarah’s lack of pants !

We woke to the sound of heavy rain – joy… So the first order of the day was to check numerous forecasts and rain radars. As in the UK, no two forecasts are the same but a plan was formed…

If it keeps pissing down all day (ECMWF forcast) we’ll get a hotel in Bregenz. If it clears by 11am (Icon-EU forecast) we’ll push on and see where we can get to.

We killed some time by heating & eating our emergency breakfast ready meals. The last instant cappuccino was also drunk.

The rain eased about 10:00 so we started to de-camp. The tent generally held up well to the nights downpour but everything we own is now damp.

All bags were packed in the tent then moved to shelter under the toilet block canopy. Cycle touring is so glamorous!

We showered and started to ride by about 11am. In contrast to yesterday’s straight and fast route todays was twisty and slow through towns and villages. The towns and villages were beautiful though…

At Fubach we had a decision to make – German or Swiss side of Constance. We chose the German side. It’s supposed to be nicer and a lot cheaper!

Lake Constance

In one village we passed a book shop which had a Heidi book on display. Sarah’s search for Heidi is now over…

Sarah’s happy now 😁
Pretty view & the lakes not bad either…
Nice bridge 👍

At one of the many harbours we passed had man made platform’s for nesting birds. This was tethered to the pier suppport. Note the plastic used for nesting.

A floating platform for nesting birds…

At Friedrichsrafen we rested, checked the weather and made our plan – get a room in Friedrichshafen, dry out & do washing.

The hotel we chose, The Capitol had a weird self checking that I’ve never seen before. It all seemed to work OK though & the room was nice but small.

Needs must…

After chores we went out for food and found a lovely Italian

Beer was good too…

Then off to a comfy dry bed 👍

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