Rhine Cycle Route: Day 26

Rhine Cycle Route: Day 26

Molenbuurt to Rotterdam. 27th May 2023.

  • Mileage today: 44 miles
  • Total mileage: 907 miles
  • Disasters: None 😁

It was a cold clear night but I slept well cuddled up in Big Agnes. Sunshine again today. We had another brilliant breakfast of stale pitta with cheese and tomatos.

Our campsite.

The campsite had some old military style buildings. When paying we found out it was an old Fort constructed pre ww1. It was one of a chain of waterline fortifications.

The waterline Fort now a campsite.
This shows there were 896 waterline forts.

With a tail wind we made good progress on quiet roads. Most drivers were great, only one van gave us poth a close pass 🤬

Quick roads on the polders linked beautiful villages.

There was one area with 19 windmills.

…if Carlsberg did cycle lanes. Oh and don’t forget all the Swans we saw with little babies.
Some were working.

At Kinderdijk we had to get a ferry to get round various bits of water. We took this ferry into the centre of Rotterdam.

I have to mention the ferry terminal. We all had to walk past this to get in the waiting shelter. If you’re pissed, stupid, not looking or a child you’ll end up in the river. In the UK H&S natzis wouldn’t have this. That’s why I love Europe.

Looking at your phone instead of where you’re going could get you wet 🤣

Our hotel was shite for the price but very central so we had a walk around to see some of the wacky architecture.

Cool building and note the bike park

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