Rhine Cycle Route: Day 23

Rhine Cycle Route: Day 23

Dusseldorf to Xantem. 24th May 2023.

  • Mileage today: 53 miles
  • Total mileage: 774 miles
  • Disasters: None…

We were sad to leave the flat. It was warm, clean and full of chocolate!

So we had chocolate for breakfast and hit the road by 9:30am. It took about 20 minutes to get back on route which followed the river quite closely.

Once out the town we made swift progress on cycle paths on the flood defences.

The cycle paths are better quality than UK roads.

We made good time covering over 20 miles before lunch. This brought us to Duisburg. I have no pictures of Duisburg for two reasons…

1. I thought if I got my camera out I’d get mugged.

2. There’s nothing worth photographing in Duisburg!

Duisburg is very industrial but unlike Mannheim (BASF) it looks and feels poor, rundown and dirty. As we passed through the city we saw some very shady characters hanging around on the streets.

This was a side of Germany we’d not seen so far. We got out as quickly as possible…

Out of Duisburg we came back to dedicated cycle tracks in beautiful countryside. Save as above really so no photos. We stopped for a snack at a country pub. Apart from that we just pushed on to Xanten and our campsite for the night. It was a 50+ mile day.

The campsite had a bar. We had beers…

This is where we are now…

Xanten just inside the German North border.

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