Rhine Cycle Route: Day 22

Rhine Cycle Route: Day 22

Charwiler to Dusseldorf. 23th May 2023.

  • Mileage today: 27 miles
  • Total mileage: 721 miles
  • Disasters: Not finding cheap hotels !

Good night’s sleep snuggled into Big Agnes. Woke to a grey day. Over breakfast chatted to a French guy who’s turned up late and camped next to us.

He’s a retired high voltage electrician who’s on a solo cycling trip. He’s playing a game where you have to find mosaic images hidden throughout Europe. Can’t remember what it was called but it had an app !

The route closely followed the Rhine. Firstly through countryside but this changed to heavy industry as we approached Dusseldorf.

Not much to photograph except the sign below. Not sure if it was a joke ?

Wacky architecture on the approach to Dusseldorf

It was a cold & grey day when we reached Dusseldorf. We sat by the river and decided we’d had enough cold for the day – hotel time. This proved difficult with many hotels stating not having bike storage. Also prices were high.

To cut a long Google and booking.com story short we ended up with a flat. Turned out to be a lovely flat & the best thing about it was the amount of chocolate in bowls around the place 😋

One of four loads of chocolates around the flat 😋

We showered and went to the nearest veggie restaurant. This was Sattuni, a middle Eastern restaurant. We were the only people eating in. Had lovely food and chat with the Palestinian owner.

We talked about travelling and learned he was off to Palestinian for a 2 day visit to his parents. He was very worried because they were trying to arrange a wife for him !

Back in the flat, we watched Giro highlights 😁 before bed.

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