Rhine Cycle Route: Day 20

Rhine Cycle Route: Day 20

Koblenz to Bonn. 21st May 2023.

  • Mileage today: 41
  • Total mileage: 659
  • Disasters: Bird shit…

Despite ear plugs, it was a noisy night with broken sleep. Trains and boats run all through the night. Their noise was added to by a large French cyclist in the next tent down who was snoring loudly. ๐Ÿ™‰

To add insult to injury, some birds craped on the tent badly enough to require a cleaning operation before it could be packed away.

We were on the road by 10am and fighting our way through the many weekend cyclists.

Not long after starting we had to stop to adjust Sazz’s front break. The miles are starting to take their toll on both bikes now. While stopped we were passed by a Canadian couple we’d seen the day before.

We caught and passed then a short time later. This started a bit of a race which I’m glad to say we won but it took about 6 miles to drop them.

The cycle paths were quite rough on todays section. This, along with sunday cyclists, made for what felt like slow progress. We actually managed 20 miles before lunch !

We stopped for lunch at a village fete where I tried curry wurst mit frites.

A German classic ๐Ÿ‘Œ

Back on the road (at a slower pace), todays target was Bonn. The views on route wรจe again wonderful.

I love how low they sit in the water

We used booking.com to find the cheapest hotel which actually turned out to be good ! The colours and design are a little wacky.

Try walking down that after a few pints !

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