Rhine Cycle Route: Day 17

Rhine Cycle Route: Day 17

Worms to Mainz. 18th May 2023.

  • Mileage today: 36 miles
  • Total mileage: 553 miles
  • Disasters: Sarah had a fall 🤕

Lazy start in the Worms Hotel. Nice continental breakfast & lots of coffee for Sarah.

The first part of the day’s riding was out of Worms – nothing of interest to report. Won’t be being back to Worms. (bit like Workington)

Things got better when we left the suburbs. Dedicated cycle tracks along the flood defences with interesting landscape and the odd deer.

There were a lot of other cyclists on route all of different speeds. No photos because we ended up overtaking traffic and racing ebikes.

We made good progress until this…

Happy Father’s day celebration.

It’s Father’s day in germany and it’s taken seriously. Its a Bank Holiday where men get passed and ride bikes. See the interesting link below if you don’t believe me…


So we had a beer and stayed a while enjoying the sun, atmosphere and music.

When we got going again it was even more chaotic on the cycle track. In the cyclist chaos Sarah clipped a post with her pannier and came off. She’s OK but battered and bruised.

After this we changed plans and got a hotel for the night in Mainz.

Showers and a few paracetamol later we were out for some food. We found a wonderful family run veggie asian restaurant. A fine feast was had before an early bed.

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