Rhine Cycle Route: Day 13

Rhine Cycle Route: Day 13

Neuf Brisach to Strasbourg. 14th May 2023

  • Mileage today: 44 miles
  • Total mileage: 390 miles
  • Disasters: One and one near miss…

Woke to the patter of rain on the tent. It was very light but we decided to get the tent down before it got soaked.

As we packed the rain stopped but disaster struck when Sarah discovered she’d lost a pair of pants somewhere on our travels. Also an ant infestation meant that everything needed brushing down before packing.

Living like a king with coffee, Danish pastries and profiteroles for breakfast.

We said goodbye to the nice but wierd campers we chatted with last night and hit the road about 9am.

The cycling was perfect down canal towpaths.

Perfect cycling…
With the odd obstruction!
Maginot Line fortifications.

Interesting reading on the Maginot Line here.


Our lunch spot on the Maginot Line.
Inside the fortification.
Again more perfect cycleway towards Strasbourg.

Suddenly a 70 year old bloke joined the cycle path from the left. He wasn’t looking and nearly hit me – only inches off my rear pannier. If I hadn’t shouted and swerved I’m sure he would have.

Avoiding me put him off ballance and he swerved towards the canal. He stopped inches short. Sarah spoke to him first while I turned round. He was OK but visibly shaking. That was a close one 🫣

…and more perfect cycle path.

We arrived in Strasbourg about 3pm. Its a beautiful city with a great vibe.

Old fortifications around the city.
Beautiful cathedral.

beer & food before an early bed.

Strasbourg is a lovely city ❤️

…now let’s hope our washing dries before tomorrow 🤞🏼

Oh and another thing – it’s not often this happens.

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