Day 5: Lerwick to Unst…

Day 5: Lerwick to Unst…

  • Today’s mileage: 53 miles
  • Total mileage:     149.75 miles
  • Desasters:  0

The ferry to Shetland.

The ferry to Shetland is really stress free. Turn up, friendly staff give you the crack & get on simples… The cabin we had was clean and well equipped with a shower & loo. All in good nick & not worn out.

The only problem with this ferry is there’s not enough time to sleep. You have to exit the ship at 7:30am.

Sarah had read in a cycling blog that the ferry breakfast was the best in Lerwick ! We headed to the restaurant with high hopes only to see that it was combinations of sausage, bacon or egg in a bun. Bit sad for Lerwick if that’s the best in town!

Our route today…

Lerwick to Unst – our route for the day. Shetland is windy and hilly. Both make a big difference when you’re touring. Today we were lucky and the wind was with us and the sun on our backs.

World record ?

As we got ready for todays cycle I realised that it was day 5 for this pair of cycling shorts – questipn for my cycling friends – is that a world record ? Not sure it’s one I want but we’ve had zero opportunities for washing and more importantly drying clothes. My merino tee shirt is also day 5 and showing sweat stains but no smell ?


Disappointments = 1 today. We got some snacks from a small garage on route. One part of my sugar intake was a Yorkie bar. I haven’t had one for a while and was really surprised how small they are now. The length seems the same but the chunks are so small now ☹

Little wins…

When we got off the ferry at Ulsta we got a Macaroni cheese and bean pie. Sounds grim but it was lush. If you ever see one try it.

Lush Scottish cuisine…

Shetland ponies…

Met these guts on route friendly & so small ?

Uyeasound Hostel and Camp site…

This is a beautiful location on the shore of Uyea Sound.

Uyea Sound

No warden just rock up and pitch your tent.

Cooking in the evening sun. Not that warm though !

Le petit Cafe – faith in human nature restored…

On the seafront just fifty yards from out tent was this honisty cafe. Le petit Cafe – an honesty cafe.

It was stuffed with everything from crisps to cans of duck casserole. It had a kettle for teas & coffees and loads of french biscuits. We brought some biscuits and the honesty draw was full of cash. Restores your faith in human nature ?

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