Day 2: Day trip round Hoy…

Day 2: Day trip round Hoy…

  • Today’s mileage: 41 miles
  • Total mileage:     50.25 miles
  • Desasters:            zero (on a roll?)

We woke around 7am after a broken nights sleep.  I never seem to sleep well the first night under canvass and last night was no exception.  There’d been light rain over night but the day was dry and overcast.

Today’s plan was for a day ride round Hoy.  We’d booked tickets by phoning  Orkney ferries yesterday afternoon. No on-line booking but all the info and timetables can be found at

It was a short and picture postcard pretty journey to Hoy through the western approaches to Scapa Flow.

We landed at Linksness and cycled down the island to the light house at Ruff of Cantick.

We followed the main road which was single track all the way !  The route is undulating with no really steep gradients.  No trees but the scenery was beautiful and the road was super quiet

We had our lunch at the Cantick lighthouse.  If Carlsberg did lunch spots…

Lunch at Cantick Lighthouse

There was only one road down the island so a circular route was out and we were forced to retrace our route.

On the way back we stopped at the Longhope lifeboat disaster memorial 

Our weather luck ran out with about 8 miles to go.  It was light drizzle & not a full Scottish downpour which continued till we returned to Stromness. 

Pasta for tea washed down with some Morgans Spiced and Coke ?

Strava summary of todays route…

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