Day 12: Crask to Tain and the end of our trip ?

Day 12: Crask to Tain and the end of our trip ?

  • Today’s mileage: 41.9 miles
  • Total mileage:    430.6 miles
  • Desasters:  none really…

The day started with a hearty breakfast and a chat with our new Kiwi friends that we met in the bar last night.  

After sayimg our goodbyse and telling the manager about the beadside lamp that was arking we set off about 9:30. 

We were looking forward to today because it was essentially a downhill ride – see the strava profile below…

Lovely route through beautiful countryside with the return of trees – I love trees.

We met up with Richard & Helen at Bonar Bridge for lunch.

Lunch at Bonar Bridge…

After Bonar Bridge the route took us on the main A roads towards Inverness. We made it as far as Tain, called it a day and got the train the last 20 miles. It was busy traffic and loads of big wagons.

Phil, a friend who lives in inverness came and picked us up ftom Inverness and we had a very pleasant night at his house in Gorthleck – thanks Phil ?

Anyway a summary of today’s route…

And that’s the end of our trip. So far this blog is rambling words written while half asleep after a days cycling. Hopefully I’ll put together some useful info on Orkneys and Shetland soon.

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