Day 10: Dunnet Head to Melvich…

Day 10: Dunnet Head to Melvich…

  • Today’s mileage:  29.3 miles
  • Total mileage:    336.9 miles
  • Desasters:  only the weather…

It was a windy and wet night and neither of us slept well. We were up by 8am, showered and got the tent down before the rain started.

The couple who ran the camp site took pity on us and gave us breakfast – eggs and toast. Really nice people as we’d only got two jelly babies to keep us going till Thurso !

They’d got two beautiful dogs who took an interest in our breakfast. The Husky’s eyes looked mean but she was soft as grease really ?

We started cycling in windy but dry conditions. The sections on the main road were grim because of traffic. The back roads were hilly but scenic.

Dunnet Head in the distance.

Then the rain started, the wind increased and it became colder. Cycling became a real sense of humour test ?

We stopped at a small shop (porta-cabin) for takeaway hot chocolate and macaroni cheese & beans pie. While we were refuelling in the lee of the cabin (by the bins) we decided we weren’t going to make Tongue today. Several Google searches and phone calls later & we were booked in at the Melvich Hotel – at about half our original target distance.

It was now about 1pm and that only left us about 12 miles for the day ? As if to vindicate our decision the rain eased.

We met two interesting cyclists on route. A girl called Hanna who does LEJOG every year on her own and a guy from Suffolk who was touring Scotland for a month. The guy from Suffolk was camping and wasn’t too happy as it had rained for nearly all his trip !

Anyway a summary of todays route…

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