Day 6: Biscarrosse-plage to Lacanau Ocean.  15/9/17

Day 6: Biscarrosse-plage to Lacanau Ocean.  15/9/17

Miles today 50.3
Total miles 195

We both woke early (5:30) & decided to get going before the rain arrived. So in the dark we got packed up & took all our stuff to the shower blocks covered area to avoid the rain. Sarah opened the door of the child change area to find some random bloke asleep on the changing mat. He said hello and proceeded to smoke strange fags for an hour ! We let him get on with his strange morning habit and went for some breakfast.
We were on the road for 9 after remembering reception had my driving licence so we couldn’t leave till they opened- doh….

Another day of wonderful French countryside on traffic free cycle paths. The journey was broken in two halves by a half hour ferry ride from Arcachon to Cap Ferret. We nearly missed the 11am ferry but the lovely French people held the ferry for us and helped load our bikes !

Found another great camp site and had a fine meal of lentils with duck all washed down with cider. The missing green lighter has now been found – Sarah must have put it in my bag !

The rains come again so we’re now sitting in the laundry room charging phones and keeping dry



Ferry over the river…


Duck in lentils….


Largest Dunes in Europe…

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