Day 2: Plymouth to Santander…11/9/17

Day 2: Plymouth to Santander…11/9/17

On boarding we noticed the pool was empty and covered. This was a clue to a expected rough crossing. It was and I spent most of the twenty hours crossing in my bunk with my eyes closed.

I have to say its been a very civilized way of getting to Europe when compared to the hassle of flying.

Next stage is trains to the border – this will test my limited Spanish ?

2 thoughts on “Day 2: Plymouth to Santander…11/9/17

  1. Hi. I’d be interested to know how you booked the bikes for the ferry to Santander. I’ve contacted them recently and it seems I am unable to book them on.
    Do you think/know if this has changed since you travelled?

    1. Hi Mark,
      Good question. I couldn’t remember so I’ve just asked Sarah. Seems we just booked bikes via the ferry website.
      I’ve just been on the Brittany Ferries website to give it a try and yes the option is still there. Where it asked “How are you travelling” there is a drop down menu with “Bicycle” at the bottom. That’s all we used to book bikes. Hope that helps.

      The Ferry was great and stress free relative to flying. I hope you have a great time & let me know if you blog it, I’d be interested to follow your progress and see what you discover.

      Happy peddling

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